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Looks exciting! Can't wait to buy/preorder the game!

Dearest Daigle,

The magic of the Beamdog streams will be lost with your departure.  I will still watch them, but Frankly, Trent scares me with his muscles and sharp things.  I will instead get my fix by harassing you in the comments of this itch game.  Know that I will be creepily sitting in the corner breathing heavily and watching.  If I could suggest a feature, critical failures = farts.

Good day sir.

Come on, Phill! :) Now that you're no longer tethered to the 9 to 5(6,7,8,12?)  grind of your former Beamdog overlords, you should have no problem getting this amazing game into our hands! Right? :D In all seriousness though, I wish you the best--just heard the news today and am quite sad to hear you're leaving.

This looks great, looking forward to playing it!


I've discovered your game on Beamdog Livestream of July 27 and I am very interested !

Thanks, I hope to release an alpha in the near future!